jeudi 1 mars 2012

The Machine vs Pandora

As I'm sure you've noticed by now, this blog isn't the place to get hope from nor is it to get a vision of how to make your life and the lives of those you care for better. Sorry. I wish I could do that. But I haven't got any hope nor vision left...Yep. It's fucked up but all I've got left is my ability to breathe and that's not very much but it's still enough for now for me to keep weird as this may sound to some people. I know that others feel the way I do as they also see their loved ones being turned into cogs right in front of their eyes and they can't do fuck all about it. They, too, see their beloved world being turned into commodities only to be thrown away after (ab)use. They see this global mindfuck of an extermination cult aka civilization pillaging and trashing the whole Living Earth and they want to have nothing to do with this gangrape and they want this madness to stop now and they want to stop it now...but can't do fuck all about it. If only the situation would be something like that fiction story Avatar where everyone from their planet were not...uhm...pacified...tamed, domesticated, civilized, but instead knew they were part of their living planet, no more no less, and fought back to bring down the Machine before it could destroy even more than it had already done. You know, just like any traditional indigenous human community has done and still does when civilizationists attack/invade them. They don't want to trade their lifestyle for any cars or computers or roads or shopping malls or themockrassy or freedumb or internet or trips to some exotic places...and so get the picture, I'm sure. Some of them have heard of civilization and the civilized and, like the wolves, they want to stay the fuck away from that sickness, from those sick slaves and slavemasters...uhm, puppets and puppeteers...uhm, I mean civilized humans.

So, I'll just keep breathing...for now, anyway...

2 commentaires:

  1. Correction, si vous le permettez...
    Ce blog contient plus d'outils pour faire un vrai changement que tous les autres. C'est le blog le plus utile que je connaisse !
    Je trouve que, comme tout grand maître, s'il ne dit pas des stupidités de temps en temps, l'apprenti n'arrive plus à distinguer le bon du pourri et gobe tout intégralement au lieu de développer sa force mentale et son discerment...

    Contrairement à ce que pense l'auteur de ce blog, je trouve qu'ici est la place idéale pour trouver de l'espoir et surtout de la vision !!

    Pour la personne immobile, un défi est un problème.
    Pour la personne en mouvement, un problème est un défi.

    Merci Misko,
    la drôle de Bebitte

  2. Merci! et content que ce blog te soit utile...mais, ayoye!! le fait que ce blog est celui qui t'est le plus utile me laisse croire qu'on est encore plus dans marde que je l'