jeudi 12 avril 2012

Revolutions Generally Bore the F$@* Out Of Me

Is it just me who finds that this "Revolution" ("Spring" thises and Spring" thats, and "Occupy" this and "Occupy" that, and "Demonstrate" against this and "Demonstrate" against that and perhaps all revolutions, not sure as I'm no historian) merely amounts to shuffling the proverbial furniture on the deck of the Titanic?

I mean, who should really care who runs the banco-military-petro-industrial-governmental complex, even a so-called "green" one? The fact is, this "culture" (if you can call this thing a culture) is currently devastating Life on Earth at the rate of something like 150 to 200 or more species a day. It doesn't matter at all who runs it. It wouldn't matter if "greens"  ran it and slowed down the process of mass extermination as they too would turn the Living into commodities, and ecosystems into wastelands of roads, cities, shopping malls, and all kinds of other ugly buildings and toxic sludges where pristine forests and other kinds of beautiful ecosystems once were thriving.

Their jobs, their education, their "health", their hierarchy, their _isms of all kinds like productionism, agriculturalism, militarism, cultism, dumbfuckism and all the rest of what this Machine has to "offer" (i.e. force on) me bores the 'fuck' out of me, to say the least. There is no place safe from them on Earth for people, for communities to thrive...So, yeah, I'll go and vote for the first time in my life at the next elections...That will surely help get rid of them...Oh, better yet, I'll take part in the revolution and change the top of the omnicidal pyramid-of-mass-extermination...Now THAT'll be a hell of a change!!, ennit!!

See, ultimately, I don't give a fuck about being more comfortable as a slave, as a machine cog, I want to get rid of the 'fuckin' Machine. So, who the hell cares what I think and feels about this anyway!!...well, actually, a few people do, but, unfortunately, we are like a few drops of water in a gigantic toxic...oh, sorry, I've already used that one recently. So...uhm, we are like a few antibodies surrounded by countless cancerous cells and tumors...and things are not lookin good at the moment and they're likely to get much much worse for All of Us - even the perpetraitors - for All members of Our great big Family of Earthlings...No, not good at all. But I suppose what is happening at a global scale is somewhat like what generally happens to us when we're sick, we can get a fever, vomit, lose a few feathers - or much more - and perhaps this way get rid of the attackers, parasites, or whatever else that threatens our lives and then possibly survive...So...uhm...I antibodies out there! Hang on!?? Do what you gotta do!?? Continue doing what comes naturally!? I mean I know the Living Organism/Earth/Gaia/Aki we are part of and an expression of is in a bad shape and we've lost countless members and communities of members, and we still are as we speak, and we will continue to lose perhaps more at an even greater rate, but now's probably the time to intensify our clarity of purpose and be as fierce and implacable as can be.

Just my two sense. Don't like it...ah, well...I don't really care...You like it? Good,We're Family!

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  1. "we are like a few antibodies surrounded by countless cancerous cells and tumors."

    The seed of a Oak is very small ... !
    Just takes good ideas, some patience, good soil... and here we go.

    Good shamans always do a good Job !


    The Family...

  2. .So, yeah, I'll go and vote for the first time in my life at the next elections...


    Stefan Molyneux on "voting"

    The Family

  3. Of course, I have no intention of ever participating in their maskaraid/themockrassy whatsoever. Just saying...