jeudi 8 novembre 2012

Pimpivilization 101

No matter where I've been, whether in a city, or in the bush, or in the country, I've always had to give  the pimps some of my time, or in other words a portion of my life in exchange for their "protection", or else risk being assaulted or murdered by them, as they are so many and they can be anywhere.

I just feel like doing as some of my non-civilized ancestors did, and simply focus on maintaining good relations with my people (human and other-than-human) and my landbase and with other friendly peoples, and of course protect them...well, I don't have such a community - except a couple of loved ones - to take care of, bu if I did that's what I'd do,  :¬D

Meanwhile I'll keep trying to appreciate and relate with whatever's left of nature here in town and in the countryside and with humans I happen to interract with. I still see untamed beauty in people at a smile, a burst of laughter, a depressed person, an awe inspiring acrobatic feat, a person singing their heart out...if only they knew that that's their true remaining non-civilized selves expressing themselves thru a crack in their civilized armor...

Oh, and fuck all pimps, whoever they are!!

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